• At fiiS

    Speaking to 32000 attendees, selfie taken by Cameron Sinclair

    Santiago- Chile

    AMENDS Delegate

    Presenting my talk at the St. John's University in Oxford as an AMENDS Delegate for 2017

    Oxford - United Kingdom

    Stanford House in Oxford

    Giving a crowdfunding workshop at the Stanford House in Oxford UK

    Oxford - United Kingdom

    Speaking as Lead Organizer for Startup Weekend Beirut

    Explaining Startup Weekend to students from all over Lebanon and Syria at College Saint Coeurs Byblos, in an event organized by ALBA university.

    Byblos - Lebanon


    Sharing my knowledge as a panelist at the New Arab Women Forum in Movenpick

    Beirut - Lebanon

    JCI - Hackathon

    Judge for the finalists at the JCI marketing Hackathon in SPEED@BDD offices

    Beirut - Lebanon


    Broadcasting to all of Latin American experiences, struggles, and knowledge about success and failure as a female entrepreneur in an Arab region

    Santiago - Chile

    May Chidiac Foundation Presentation

    Talking about Moubarmij.com

    Beirut - Lebanon

    JCI - Marketing Hackathon

    Mentoring startups for the JCI marketing Hackathon at SPEED@BDD

    Beirut - Lebanon

    JCI - UNESCO Palace

    On the "Entrepreneurs' Panel" addressing university students about their future decisions and how important it is to do what they love

    Beirut - Lebanon

    Womanity Foundation Panel (Third to the left)

    Panelist at the b100Ragl panel for womanly foundation. Speaking about equality and difficulties women entrepreneurs, and women in the workforce face

    Beirut - Lebanon

    Startup Weekend Beirut - Environment Edition

    Announcing first prize winner at SWB

    Beirut - Lebanon

    WeHubs - Enterprising Women in Technology

    Taklking about Moubarmij to a crowd consisting of Ministers of the European Parliament, EU Staff, and women activists in Europe

    Brussels- Belgium

    Ouishare MapJam

    Contributing to the OuiShare MapJam at hbr-creative platform

    Bawchriye - Lebanon

    Girls Got IT Bekaa

    Inspiring girls to take the step to do whatever they want and work in whichever field they choose. STEM is for everyone.


    Part of the WhoIsLayal? campaign

    Bekaa - Lebanon

    Girls Got IT - Tripoli

    Keynote Speaker

    Tripoli- Lebanon

    Resilient Women

    Sharing my experiences at the Resilient Women panel and event by UNIDO

    Beirut - Lebanon

    Ashoka CMXC ChangeMakers

    Introducing Moubarmij.com

    Dubai - UAE

    Rotaract Club - Sahel El Matn

    Sharing my journey with the Rotaract Club

    Jdeideh - Lebanon

    Internet Society

    Serving as an executive board member for ISOC - Lebanon

    2016 - Present

    Beirut - Lebanon

    GIST By Berytech

    Introducing ISOC Lebanon

    Beirut - Lebanon

    Grand Serail - Lebanese Parlament

    Contributing in the round table initiative by the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al Hariri - Moubarmij was invited to attend as one of 15 startups and share our demands for a better equipped country for innovators

    Beirut - Lebanon

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