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I'm a digital nomad who works remotely, and ...

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I'm a digital nomad who works remotely, and here are a few things that consist a normal Working day

While the world shifts from the 9-5 desk-bound work norm. This generation is finding itself more and more of a nomad, digital nomads to be exact. We're going back to our original humanity, where humans wouldn't stay still and remain in one place.

What's a digital nomad you say?

Digital nomads according to Wikipedia, is a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their lives in a nomadic manner. Such workers often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles. This is usually accomplished through the use of devices that have wireless Internet capabilities such as smartphones or mobile hotspots.

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I, myself have been on the DN road for three years now, and here are a couple of things only someone who works remotely would relate to:

- Most of your calls are done either wearing your PJ's, or sthg you'd never wear outside your house.

- Perfecting the receive your lunch order on time, before that meeting starts.

- Midday showers become a thing. Because you woke up, and just started working.

- Getting good at maneuvring your social life, because now you know where you're going to be and at what time.

- Laundry days, are no longer Saturday and Sundays.

- Not turning on your camera for a meeting, because you're not camera ready for that 6 AM call.

- Meeting your friends for a drink at 8 PM. You're tired? BUT, BUT, you work from home most of your time. YES, but that doesn't mean I linger and slouch all day, I get as much work as the other dude, perhaps more!

- You get bored in a months time from all the menus on the list on your Zomato app.

- Your lunchtime dates are documentaries and comedy shows on youtube. That is if you don't' have a call scheduled at that time, and you must rush eat your food to make that call.

- Does everyone have his or her video on this call? Wears a nice jacket, pants, on the other hand, are most likely PJ's or shorts.

- Are you telling me, you work from home? A cafe? A plane? What do you REALLY do? < That judgemental look you get when trying to explain to people how you work.

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- Most common question asked when people hear you travel so much and work from different places: Are you a spy?

- Peoples reaction, when you mention you have the option to work from anywhere. #Priceless

- Music is now your best concentration app, and noise canceling headphones are your best investment.

- Work from home or hotel room is way productive than working with a group of people. Small talk and little nuances are non-existent.

- Working from all kinds of places, exotic, boring, and just plain exciting venues.

- You think you'd cook while working from home. Think again!

- Stand up desks become a thing.

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- Also working from airports, beaches, pool side, mountain tops and just plain anywhere you can open your computer and get work done, becomes life.

- Talking to Siri on your phone or home pod more than you do to actual people, becoming besties with your machines. Family, friends, humans, who(what) are those again?

- When you catch yourself off guard, laughing uncontrollably to something on slack, and then giving notes, to the computer, using words, thinking it understands that way. (i.e., that was a funny one. Good one old pal. Hahaha, love that dude, so hilarious).

- You start using "LOL" and "OMG" in your regular interactions with human beings.

- You save a lot on makeup. Because now you don't have to wear that stuff every day.

- Opening "Photo Booth" app to make sure you look okay and nothing is stuck in your teeth, before joining that video call.

- Waking up, working through a whole day until 7 PM, and realizing the only thing you had today is water!

- Becoming a Ninja in the art of EMOJI & GIF communications

- Making awesome friendships with people remotely, and then when seeing them at a conference or a gathering somewhere, being genuinely happy to see them.

- Meeting awesome new people from all over the world, and experiencing great adventures. Learning so much more than you can hope for.

Think you have it in you to become a digital nomad? Go ahead then, make that jump!

As Rachel Wolchin <> states - “If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.”

If you're a digital nomad, DM me your thoughts I'll add them and attribute.